A Round Up of News from the Research Support Network

What symptoms matter most to people with Parkinson’s? 
In this blog Parkinson’s UK share the findings from a survey of over 700 people living with Parkinson’s. They highlight the key results and why it is vital people affected by Parkinson’s shape the research process every step of the way.

Turning the tide on big pharma investment
Parkinson’s UK explore the crucial role pharmaceutical companies play in delivering new treatments and take a look at some recent major investments to drive forward new therapies for Parkinson’s. Read more.

Why have we been talking about tomatoes? 
Scientists in the UK have been exploring the use of tomatoes as a way to produce levodopa. This could lead to more people across the globe being able to access this important Parkinson’s medication. Read the news
Participants needed: Investigating support for family members and carers of people with Parkinson’s
Niamh Kletzander, an MSc researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University, is investigating what support is available for family members and/or carers of people with Parkinson’s.
The aim of the research is to understand what family members and supporters of people with Parkinson’s feel about support groups.
Who do the researchers need?
6 people who are a partner, family member and/or carer of someone with Parkinson’s.
What is involved?
Attending a one off,  one hour interview with Niamh via Microsoft teams.  For more information, please read the information sheet.
Interested in taking part?
Please contact Niamh via email or phone 0161 247 4614 before 1 March 2021. 
This opportunity is not managed by Parkinson’s UK.  Email Niamh

Hear from the researchers

Parkinson’s UK have a range of recorded updates, the most recent videos include talks on exercise, deep brain stimulation and genetics. Watch now. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on exciting research events planned for later this year.

The Research Interest Group

·       Parkinson’s UK is interested in engaging people living with Parkinson’s (PwPs) in current research projects happening in their area. 

·       Participants may become more connected to that research through signing up to the Research Supporters Network via and attending relative events.

·       They also have the option of taking part in research, signing up via options include carrying a Brain Bank Donor card.

·       PwPs may also influence research design, protocols, and participant information sheets before they are finalised through contributing as a Lay Reviewer alongside experts; as a Patient and Public Involvement volunteer PwPs contribute valuable insight into the experience of living with Parkinson’s.

The Cambridge Area Research Champion was Keith Howlet (until recently) the Branch Membership Secretary – see CONTACTS

Local Research Interest Group website

Professor Roger Barker
Roger Barker is the Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Honorary Consultant in Neurology at the University of Cambridge and at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.  
“In the future, when people get diagnosed with Parkinson’s, they could have a stem cell-derived dopamine transplant. “You won’t need to take any drugs because the dopamine cells will be doing the job the drugs are currently doing.

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